Terms and Conditions for Adding Your Merrimack County Savings Bank Debit Card to a Mobile Wallet

These terms and conditions (“Terms”) describe the use of your Merrimack County Savings Bank Debit Card (s) in conjunction with a Mobile Wallet (“Wallet”) service. These terms apply when you choose to add a debit card issued by Merrimack County Savings Bank to a Mobile Wallet (e.g. Google PayTM, Samsung PayTM, Apple PayTM, or Masterpass TM) In these Terms, “you” and “your” refer to the holder of the Card, and “we,” “us,” “our,” and “Bank” refer to Merrimack County Savings Bank.

Please read this Agreement carefully. When you add a Merrimack County Savings Bank Debit Card to a Mobile Wallet, you agree to these Terms.

This Agreement shall be governed by and interpreted by New Hampshire State Laws and Federal Laws, rules and regulations of the United States.

  1. Mobile Wallet Service

This Service is available for the purpose of purchasing goods and services with a compatible wireless mobile phone or device with merchants who accept these Services as a form of payment. These Services enable you to create and store virtual representations of your eligible Debit Card(s) and add account information on your supported device creating a “Mobile Wallet” that will permit you to use your Mobile Wallet to authorize and make payments at merchant’s point of sale terminals or readers without your plastic Debit Card. Your Mobile Wallet may not be accepted at all places where your Debit Card is accepted.

  1. Adding Your Card to a Wallet

You can add an eligible Card to a Wallet by following the instructions of the Wallet provider. The only Bank Cards that you can add to the Wallet are those that we indicate are eligible. If your Card or underlying account is not in good standing, that Card will not be eligible for addition to a Wallet. When you add a Card to a Wallet, the Wallet will allow you to use the Card for transactions where the Wallet is accepted consistent with the terms and conditions set forth by the Wallet provider.

  1. Your Bank Card Terms Do Not Change

The terms and conditions of your agreements with Merrimack County Savings Bank including those governing your use of our mobile and online banking services, and issuance and use of your accounts and Cards will not be affected by your adding a Card to a Wallet. A Wallet is a third-party service that provides an additional mechanism by which you can present your Card to participating merchants to purchase goods or services. Any applicable interest, fees, and charges that apply to your Card will also apply when you use a Wallet for transactions involving your Card.

  1. Additional Charges

The Bank does not currently charge you any additional fees for adding a Card to a Wallet or using your Card in a Wallet. The Wallet provider and other third parties such as wireless companies or data service providers may charge you fees in connection with your use of Wallet. You will be solely responsible for payment of any and all fees that may be imposed on you by third parties for your use of Wallet including but not limited to data usage or text messages.

  1. The Bank Is Not Responsible for Any Wallet

Merrimack County Savings Bank does not provide any Wallet service to you. The Bank’s sole responsibility with respect to Wallet activity is to exchange information with the Wallet provider as necessary to process transactions initiated by using the Card in the Wallet. We are not responsible for any failure of the Wallet, or the inability to use the Wallet for any transaction. We are not responsible for the performance or non-performance of the Wallet provider or any other third parties regarding any agreement you enter into with the Wallet provider or associated third party relationships that may impact your use of the Wallet.

  1. Security

You are solely responsible for maintaining the security and confidentiality of your mobile phone or device passwords and user ID’s and any other means that you may use to securely access these Services on your device. If you share these credentials with anyone, that person may be able to use your Wallet to make purchase or obtain access to your personal and payment information available through these Services. You agree to safeguard your device at all times and not leave it unattended.

  1. Report Lost or Stolen Devices or Debit Cards

If you enroll in this Service and your device is lost or stolen, or you have reason to believe that your device has been compromised, including that of your fingerprint reader, PIN, or other security device, you agree to contact us immediately by telephone at (800) 541-0006 so that we can take action to disable your Debit Card for use within the this Service. Given that your device can be used like a Credit or Debit Card to make purchases, you must notify us in the event your device is lost or stolen with the same urgency as if your actual Debit Card is lost or stolen. If you fail to notify us, you may be liable for all or a portion of the losses associated with unauthorized use of your Debit Card whether that use was through these Services or not.

  1. Communication

Unless otherwise specified in any Supplemental Agreement, all notices that you are required or permitted to give to the Bank regarding the Services shall be sent to:  Merrimack County Savings Bank, ATTN:  Deposit Operations Department, PO Box 2826, Concord, NH 03301-2826.  When notices or inquiries are permitted to be made by telephone, you may call (800) 541-0006 and ask for the Deposit Operations Department.   All notices and disclosures to you may be sent to the last known mail or e-mail address on the records at the Bank or by electronic notice to the extent permitted by applicable laws or regulations. It is your responsibility to give the Bank written notice of the change of any of your addresses.

  1. Removing Your Card from a Wallet

You must obtain instructions from your Wallet provider for removing a Card from your Wallet. We can also block a Card in your Wallet at any time for any reason that we can lawfully block Card activity.

  1. Governing Law and Disputes

Refer to your Merrimack County Savings Bank Card or Electronic Funds Transfer Agreements for terms about governing law and dispute resolution with the Bank. Refer to your agreement with your Wallet provider for their rules on these topics.

  1. Termination; Changes in Terms

We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to cancel Card eligibility for participation in a Wallet, or change, add to or delete from these Terms at any time by providing 30 day in advance written notice to you. These Terms will bind and inure to the benefit of our respective heirs, successors and assigns. You cannot change these Terms, but you can cease to be subject to these Terms as to future transactions by removing your Bank-issued Card(s) from your Wallet(s). These Terms will continue to apply to any transactions processed prior to our receipt of confirmation that you have removed your Bank-issued Card(s) from your Wallet(s).

  1. Privacy

Our privacy policies can be found at https://www.themerrimack.com under our Privacy Notice link. By adding a Card to a Wallet, you agree that we may share your information with the Wallet provider, a payment network, or other third parties as necessary to provide the services and process the transactions you have requested, to make information available to you about your Card transactions, and to improve our ability to offer these services. Refer to your Wallet provider for their privacy policy.

  1.  Questions

If you have any questions, disputes, or complaints about the Wallet, contact the Wallet provider using the information given to you by the Wallet provider. If your question, dispute, or complaint is about your Merrimack County Savings Bank Card, contact us at or write to us at Merrimack County Savings Bank at (800) 541-0006 or by mail at PO Box 2826, Concord, NH 03302-2826.