Additional ATMs

Please note that only ATMs located at Merrimack branch offices and the standalone ATM in Penacook are able to take deposits.

  • Concord, NH
    15A Hall Street (walk-up near Burger King)
    Concord Hospital (walk-up at the Visitor Entrance elevators)
  • Henniker, NH
    100 Bradford Road (walk-up)
  • Hopkinton, NH
    377 Main Street (walk-up at the Hopkinton Village Store)
  • Penacook, NH
    15 Village Street (walk-up at Thirty Pines)
  • Pittsfield, NH
    Route 28 (walk-up behind Dunkin’ Donuts)

SUM Network

At select locations, we also offer surcharge-free ATMs through SUM. For a complete listing of SUM ATMs across the country, visit www.sum-atm.com.

Surcharge-free ATM Access at Meredith Village Savings Bank and Savings Bank of Walpole ATMs

Use ATMs at our sister bank locations across the state for no additional charge. Visit mvsb.com or walpolebank.com for the most current list of ATM locations.

Merrimack Automated Telephone Banking

With our convenient telephone banking system, you are never more than a phone call away from your account information.

Merrimack Automated Telephone Banking 224.6272 or 1.888.224.6272
toll-free nationwide

Your 24-Hour Direct Line to The Merrimack for:

  • Deposit and Loan Balances
  • Transaction Information
  • Funds Transfer
  • Current Interest Rates

To reach us by Postal Mail

Please be sure to send all mail to the following address:

Merrimack County Savings Bank
PO Box 2826
Concord, NH 03302-2826

24 Hour Deposits by ATM & Deposit Box

For your convenience you can deposit using your Merrimack ATM or debit card at the ATMs at our branch offices in Concord (including the Main Office, Integra Drive and North State Street), Bow, Contoocook, Hooksett, Nashua, Windham and the standalone ATMs on 15A Hall Street in Concord and at the Thirty Pines on 15 Village Street in Penacook. Additionally, there are night depositories at all Merrimack branch offices.

  • ATMs: Deposits made before 3pm are processed on the same business day. Deposits made after 3pm are processed the next business day.
  • Branch Night Depositories: Deposits placed in our branch night depositories are processed the day they are removed. Loan payments placed in the depository will be processed on the next business day.

A business day is considered to be Monday-Friday, excluding federal holidays.